Install The Most Reliable Home Water Treatment Systems In Anaheim

Clean and pure indoor air is, no doubt, important. But, the importance of pure household water is undeniable. As we understand this truth, we have come to your help with our home water treatment systems in Anaheim. Call our team at Oceanus, and let us assist you in buying the best water refiner and softener.

Get services for your water filter

Water filtration systems have undergone a transformation, and the integrated technology has become more advanced. But, we have learned about the latest technologies to provide professional guidance to our clients. Our store includes different water treatment systems, water softeners, and instant hot water solutions. Moreover, we are ready to provide you with after-installation services. Our trained team can replace filters and other components of your water treatment system. Let us inspect the parts of your water filter and give the best solution. We know how to stay compliant with location health codes.

Use our water softeners- No need to use hard water

More than 80% of American households rely on hard water that contains limestone, rock, iron, and several other minerals. You may have noticed white, chalky buildups and itchy skin. These are signs of hard water in your household. But, we have the best softening systems to remove sediments from your water. How do our water softeners work?

  • They eliminate dissolved minerals and rocks with electrostatically sensitive beads known as resin.
  • When there is contact between the resin and rock ions, the rock is tracked, and potassium and sodium ions are released.
  • This process makes your tap water softer.
  • With the saturation of beads, they get regenerated with the solution.
  • The beads capture ions and release the rocks.
  • Now, these beads have fresh ions to make another batch of water soft.

Do you like to know more about our water softeners? Send a message to our team and get the best solution for your Anaheim home. Our home water treatment systems in Anaheim include RO technology that filters several impurities.

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