Your home’s water supply undergoes several treatment methods from its source to your faucet. Many municipalities add chemicals to the water during processing, such as chloramines. But are these products bad for you? What do you do if you don’t want them in your drinking water? You can get rid of these disinfecting chemicals if you feel concerned about taking these chemicals into your body.

What Are Chloramines?

Chloramines form most often from the combination of ammonia with chlorine in the water. Municipalities use these chemicals to disinfect the water. Since these products last longer than other disinfectants, they continue to act in the water throughout distribution to the end-user.

Chlorine continues to be the most common form of primary disinfectant. But some locations do not consider that enough. According to the EPA, about one in five consumers have chloramines in their water used by their public utilities as a secondary disinfectant.

Why Are Chloramines Used in Water?

Public utilities add chloramines to water to disinfect it but also because they produce fewer disinfectant byproducts than chlorine. However, for consumers, these byproducts have the potential for being dangerous. For example, some of these byproducts have studies linking them to cancer, anemia, liver problems, and kidney issues. Therefore, you may want to remove these disinfectants from your drinking water before consuming it.

How Can You Get Rid of Chloramines from Your Home’s Water?

While chloramines keep bacteria from forming in water as it moves through the municipal plumbing, once the water reaches your home, you don’t need that extra-strong secondary disinfection. You can reduce the number of chemical disinfectants in the water of your home before drinking it with a filter designed to process these chemicals out.

Our chloramine reduction system removes more than 85% of these chemicals in the drinking water before it moves through the rest of your home. Therefore, you get fresher-tasting, safer water from your home faucets.

Connect with Best Home Water Treatment Systems to Find Chloramine Solutions for Your Home

Find the solution to removing chloramines from your home’s drinking water here. You can have fresher water that you can feel good about giving to yourself and your family from every tap in your home. Get in touch with us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems today to get a chloramine water filter to treat your entire home’s water supply.



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