A big concern today is whether there are plastic fibers in our water. It was recently reported by news sources that “Plastic Fibers Are Found in 83% of the World’s Tap Water.” In addition, it has even been reported that these plastic fibers have been found in bottled water varieties. 

With no evidence as to the harm these plastic fibers can cause to humans and animals that use it on a regular basis, it is smart to know what you can do right now to protect yourself and your family from possible side effects.

Technology today allows us to remove micro-plastics from the water supply in a few different ways. These are considered to be the best water treatment systems to use for the best results.

Each of these home water treatment system technologies can be used alone or combined with other water systems to make the perfect system for your California home. In fact, some homes require the use of both of these home water treatment systems to give you the best home water system solution. Whether you want a home water treatment system for your drinking water, or you want to filter the water from all of the taps in your home, Oceanus Water Systems in Corona has the solution and offers the best water treatment systems in Corona.



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