Cooking with softened water is not only possible but is likely to produce better results. If you have constant problems with toughness in the foods you cook, consider upgrading your home’s water with a whole-home water softener. The treated water will help your holiday cooking turn out better.

What Does Hard Water Do to Food in Cooking?

If you live in Southern California, you likely have hard water plaguing your cooking. Most people don’t appreciate that cooking really comes down to chemistry. And the composition of everything you use in your dishes makes a difference in the final product.

Hard water contains calcium and other minerals that can impact the overall chemistry of your cooking. For instance, these minerals can increase the cooking times required for beans and make your vegetables tough. Baked goods can also have their texture suffer from hard water. Additionally, the minerals in hard water impact its taste, which can affect the flavor of your food.

Why Softened Water Produces Better Results

If you cook with softened water, you will find that your dishes come out better. In fact, you might need to make some adjustments to your recipes. For example, if you’ve always lived in hard water areas, you may have changed your recipes to account for the impacts of the high mineral content in the water.

Softened water produces softer loaves of bread that rise better, beans and legumes that cook faster, and vegetables that have a desirable texture.

Whole-Home Water Softeners as a Solution

While you could cook with bottled water, you won’t always be guaranteed that the water is softer. A good solution for your cooking is to have a whole-home water softener installed. Softened water also prevents scale buildup on your faucets and in your pipes. Softened water can extend the life of your plumbing while improving your cooking.

Contact Us at Oceanus for Softened Water to Improve Your Cooking

If you find that your loaves of bread or cooked vegetables keep turning out tough, no matter what you do, hard water could be impacting your cooking. Getting a whole-home water softener could help. Contact us at Oceanus to get softened water for better cooking by having a whole home softener with or without filtration.





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