Hard Water and Some Soaps Pairing

hard water

Did you know that not all soaps work well with hard water? In fact, you could be creating more work for yourself if you use the wrong soap with the wrong water. Find out more about these interactions and how to fix them to reduce your spending on soap and cleaning supplies. Hard Water and […]

How a Water Conditioner Works to Reduce Damage from Dissolved Minerals

water conditioner to reduce damage

It’s natural to confuse water softeners with salt-free water conditioners. The two systems don’t operate the same; therefore, they have different names. The former softens water by removing minerals and replacing them with salt. However, a water conditioner has a completely different operation that doesn’t put salt into your water. Find out how these systems […]

Perks of Using a Salt Free Water Conditioner

Salt Free Water Conditioner

When comparing home water treatment systems, you should consider the many benefits of using a salt free water conditioner instead of a water softener. While softeners have their own benefits, water conditioners also have perks that make them especially useful for many people. Before deciding which whole home water system to get, consider the following […]