The Secrets of Bottled Water Manufacturers

bottled water

Water bottlers have several secrets that they don’t want consumers to know about their products. While bottled water offers a convenient, portable alternative to sugary sodas, juices, and sports drinks, it still has some problems. You may not realize where the water comes from or what happens to the bottles after use. Once you learn […]

How to Rehydrate in the Summer

During the summer, exercising, doing manual labor, or even spending long hours outside can cause sweating and dehydration. To stay healthy and avoid heat illness, you need to properly rehydrate. However, there is some confusion about the best way to rehydrate in the summer. Are sports drinks or water a better option? Can you have […]

Where Does Your Bottled Water Come From?

Do you hate the taste of tap water so much that you grab for a bottle instead? You may be making a mistake for your wallet and your taste buds. Do you really know where your bottled water comes from? Most people don’t, which explains the continued sales of commercially packaged water. However, would you […]