The type of ice that you use in your drinks does make a difference. This is especially true if you are serious about producing bar-quality cocktails or having better tasting beverages. Clear ice is the coveted form of ice found at restaurants but rarely attained from home freezers. The secret behind getting this type of ice at home is knowing what makes ice cloudy and how to prevent it.

What Is Clear Ice?

Clear ice does not have any cloudiness. You can see straight through it, like glass. Cloudy ice happens due to using water with air and minerals trapped in it. Therefore, starting with the purest water will make it possible to reduce the cloudiness in the ice from your freezer by eliminating the minerals.

Advantages of Using Ice

Using clear ice has several advantages. These all relate to the composition of the ice. First, clear ice does not melt as quickly because it is denser. The density of clear ice comes from its lack of air trapped inside. Without air, the water is the only thing that freezes, ensuring longer-lasting, denser ice cubes.

Second, the denser ice cubes do not shrink over time in the freezer. Clear ice does not have air bubbles trapped in it to leave and cause shrinkage.

Lastly, because the clearest ice does not have impurities, it tastes better than ice with dissolved air and minerals in it. In the same way that purified water tastes better, pure ice also has a better flavor than ice made from impure water.

How to Make Ice in Your Freezer

To get clear ice in your freezer, you want to use the purest water. Start with a reverse osmosis water purification system that removes nearly all the impurities in the water. Pure water without minerals dissolved in it will have a greater chance to produce clearer water. Next, boil the water twice to eliminate as much dissolved air as possible before freezing it.

You can try skipping this step and freezing the water directly from the reverse osmosis system to save time. Even if your ice isn’t perfectly clear, using purer water will still make it taste better than standard ice cubes made from untreated tap water.

Get a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System from Best Home Water Treatment Systems

If you want to have clear ice from your home’s freezer, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems online or by phoning us at 951.737.1500. You will find out how to have a reverse osmosis purification system installed in your kitchen to purify water going directly to your freezer’s ice maker. Better tasting ice that lasts longer and looks better is a matter of using the purest water. Make it possible by choosing a reverse osmosis system for your home today.



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