Owning a water softener gives you the many benefits of a home without hard water. However, there are some concerns people have about having one of these appliances in their homes. Ease any reservations you might have about ownership of a whole-home water softener by learning more about it.

How Often Do You Replace the Salt?

Water softeners rely on salt or potassium to replace the magnesium and calcium ions in hard water. Consequently, the softening system will require refills of salt occasionally. While you can use potassium as a sodium alternative, it can be much more expensive to use.

The amount of salt you have to add to your water softening system depends on the size. For instance, the DR-90 model requires 12.5 pounds whereas the DR-70 uses one pound less. The frequency of your refills depends on how much water your home uses. Consult with your installer to get customized information on how often to replace the sodium chloride (salt) in your water softener.

Does the Water Taste Salty? Is It Safe to Drink?

One of the most common myths about softened water concerns its safety. Yes, you can safely drink softened water. Plus, it does not taste salty. The amount of sodium added to the water does not impact the taste. However, feel free to use drinking water from a tap with a reverse osmosis purifier to remove any remaining sodium from the water and get great-tasting drinking and cooking water.

What If Showering Feels Slimy After Installing a Water Softener?

One of the problems with hard water is the need to use extra soap, shampoos, and detergent to get adequately cleaned. Often, when people have newly softened water, they continue to use the same amount of cleaning products. Soft water can require up to 50% less soap to create a cleansing lather. Therefore, you may use too much soap or body wash in the shower, making your skin feel slimy after. Cut back on the amount of soap that you use to prevent this from happening.

Get a Water Softener in Your Home from Oceanus

If you’re in Southern California and are tired of the hard water issues that you have with your municipal water, contact us at Oceanus. We have experience in providing homeowners in the area with high-quality whole-home water softeners that you can get with filtration or without. Trust us to provide you with the water softener that your home needs and answers to the questions you have about the system.