Some myths abound about the use of sodium and water softeners. However, not all of these are true or reach the extent of what you may have heard. If you want soft water but have concerns about sodium intake, read this information first.

Water Softeners Don’t Make Water Taste Like Sea Water

If you feel concerned about the sodium added to your water softener affecting the taste, the opposite typically happens. In fact, with our whole home water softener, the water gets both softened and filtered to make it taste better. You will not taste the added salt to the water due to its miniscule amount.

Sodium and Water Softeners Can Lead to Taking in Too Much Salt

The amount of water that you ingest from drinking softened water is much less than you think. You won’t experience bloating or feel thirsty after drinking softened water. However, these symptoms commonly occur when you eat salty foods. The reason that you don’t experience these problems is the amounts of salt in the softened water compared to the foods.

Softened water contains varying amounts of sodium depending on the hardness of the local water that the sodium must combat. However, the average addition of sodium will only yield 0.336 grams of salt in the daily softened water intake of our average consumer.

What If You Cannot Have Any Added Sodium?

If you have specific orders from your doctor to balance your sodium, potassium, and water intake, you may not find a water softener ideal. You could use a whole home water filtration system that doesn’t soften the water to help preserve your plumbing and to provide fresh drinking water. For instance, the Healthy Home System does not require any salt but it can reduce scale build up and filter water.

Call Best Home Water Treatment Systems for More Information About Sodium and Water Softeners

If you still have questions about sodium and water softeners, contact us. We can answer any questions that you have. You can phone our office at 951.338.5878 with your questions or to set an appointment to find out more about getting a whole home water softening system installed.


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