The coronavirus, COVID-19, has created a major impact on society during the first half of 2020. Some people recall stores rationing toilet paper and paper towels. They may also have limited purchases of bottled water. Is the tap water you drink a concern for spreading COVID-19? Do you need to worry about coronavirus in drinking water?

Is Coronavirus in Drinking Water?

The good news about coronavirus in drinking water is that it is not likely to be present. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tap water is likely not a way the virus can spread. In fact, your home tap water remains good for drinking and hand washing.

Can Standard Faucet Filters Remove Coronavirus?

Generally, home faucet-mounted filters cannot remove coronavirus in drinking water. However, as long as you have water provided by your local utility, you do not have to worry about the virus. If you have well water, boiling the water, treating it with chlorine, or using ultrafiltration can remove the virus, according to WHO.

Do You Need to Buy Bottled Water?

While water treatment facilities use disinfectants to kill pathogens in the water, such as viruses, you may still not want to drink your tap water. Many people spent weeks at home, drinking their tap water. If you were among these people, you may have realized that your tap water doesn’t taste very good.

Even without coronavirus in drinking water, you may still want to treat your home’s water through filtration for better-tasting water.

Water treatment systems for your home can soften and filter the water to reduce wear on your plumbing and make the tap water taste better. If you want purified water from a single source, you will want a reverse osmosis system that more thoroughly filters water for a total dissolved solids reduction of 96%.

Keep Drinking Water for Your Best Health Possible

Drinking water is important for your health. Don’t let the recent COVID-19 pandemic prevent you from staying hydrated. You won’t find coronavirus in drinking water. However, if you don’t like the taste of your home’s water, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. We can find the right filtration system to get you the tasty, healthy water that you want.