Sometimes, you may see cleaning products or healthcare devices require distilled water. The instructions specify the distilled form of water for safety reasons. However, is this type of water the best that you can get? Should you choose distilled over filtered water? If you want to save money and drink great-tasting water, the answer is no. But that does not mean that you should never use distilled water in your home.

Why Distilled Water Doesn’t Taste Good¬†

Technically, distilled water is not good for drinking or cooking because it does not have any flavor. It comes from condensing steam, which removes all minerals and flavor from the water. If you want better tasting, healthier water, consider purified water through reverse osmosis or filtered water.

Why Distilled Costs More

If you want to get distilled water, you typically cannot get it through home filtration systems. You will need to buy it in a bottled form from the store. Purchasing bottles of water costs more money over time in the cost of water and money spent driving to and from the store. Additionally, disposing of the plastic water jugs can cause problems in landfills because the plastic does not break down as quickly as other forms of packaging.

Only Use Distilled Water When Required

Yes, you can use distilled water in your car’s coolant reservoir or for healthcare devices. However, to save money and have better drinking water at home, use a home water filtration system instead of relying on bottles of water.

Improve Your Home’s Water Through a Water Treatment System

If you need distilled water occasionally, feel free to purchase it by the bottle. However, when you want better tasting water for drinking, connect with us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. We have several types of Oceanus water systems that can filter out additives, purify the water, or remove chloramine. Let us help you to choose the best system for your home. Our office is available at 951.737.1500 24 hours a day.


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