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At Oceanus, one of the most frequent questions that our customers ask is whether to get a whole-home water softener with or without a filter. The answer depends on your needs and lifestyle. Find out more about the differences between these systems so you can make a more informed decision about which to choose for your home.

Do You Get Drinking Water from More Than One Tap?

While most people get their drinking water only from the kitchen, some homes use other taps for drinking water. If you don’t have a filtration system for your whole home, the water from your taps may not taste good. For instance, you may use water from your bathroom tap to rinse your mouth out after brushing your teeth.

Therefore, instead of installing only a reverse osmosis purifier on your kitchen tap, you may want to get a whole-home water softener with a filtration system. This system will give you good-tasting, softened water from all taps in your home.

Do You Already Have a Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier?

If you already have a reverse osmosis water purifier on your kitchen tap, you may not need a water softener with a filter, especially if this is the only source of drinking water you use. A reverse osmosis system removes any salt from the softened water as it also removes all other contaminants and impurities, which may include physical, chemical, and biological contaminants the EPA recognizes may appear in tap water.

Do You Want an All-in-One Solution for Filtration and Softening?

If you want filtered water without a second purification system on your kitchen tap, you may want to get a water softener with a filter. This option removes the salt from the water after it softens to improve its taste. While a filter does not completely purify the water to remove all contaminants, it does take care of most of them and improve the water’s taste.

Get a Water Softener with or Without Filtration for Your Home from Our Team at Oceanus

Whether you decide to choose a water softener with or without filtration, you can still get your system from us at Oceanus. We stock both types of water softeners and can help you finalize your decision if you still need assistance. Call us today at 951.338.8616 or contact us online to schedule your visit from one of our water softening experts.









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