The cynics out there will say that the only water you should drink is from the tap. However, tap water can have unusual aromas and bad tastes that turn many people off drinking enough of it. Filtering water can improve the quality and flavor. So, the simple answer to whether water filtration does anything useful is yes, but there is much more that you need to know. The more information you have about water filtration options for your home, the easier choosing the best one to get better tasting and healthier water will be.

Practical Reasons for Water Filtration

Water filtration does help to remove dirt and contaminants from water. Plus, reverse osmosis water treatment systems will get rid of viruses and bacteria that live in the water. A pitcher or faucet addition filter will not remove these harmful pathogens from water.

If you have well-water on your property, you must have a water treatment system that will kill any germs in the water and remove contaminants. For city-provided water, you may still need a filtration system to get rid of the odors produced by chemicals the municipal facilities use to decontaminate the water.

Personal Reasons for Water Filtration

If you use municipal water, the city technically treats the water to make it safe to drink. However, some cities use chemicals that kill germs but make the water taste bad. Chlorine and chloramine can impact the flavor and smell of your home’s tap water. However, some water filtration systems will remove these components, giving the water a cleaner, fresher taste.

Which Type of Water Filtration System Do You Need?

There are several options for water filtration. The lowest in cost and least effective are pitchers or faucet-mounted models. These do little to remove contaminants and only marginally improve taste.

Another option is a whole-home water treatment system. These filter water and soften it, too. For homes that have problems with hard water, these systems will correct those issues. The water softening portion of these systems neutralize minerals that can deposit inside pipes and lead to plumbing damage. The filtration aspect of these systems removes dirt and contaminants from the water.

Lastly, you can choose a reverse osmosis system for a single plumbing fixture. These offer the greatest level of filtration and work best in homes that need well water treated or must have the cleanest, purest water possible due to residents’ health concerns. Because reverse osmosis purifies the water, it removes more than filtration alone can do. However, this extra purification comes at the cost of not having this as an option for treating all the water entering your home.

Find Out More About Various Water Filtration Options for Your Home

Yes, water filtration can improve your home’s water. But, you must have the correct system to attain the results that you want. If you want to get fresher tasting water, you may need a simple whole-home water filtration system. However, if you have well water or concern about contaminants, you may find a reverse osmosis system for your kitchen’s tap will fulfill your needs.

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