Have you ever noticed that tap water taste depends on where you are? If you take a vacation somewhere and order a glass of water, your drink will not taste like the water at home. This difference comes from varying mineral amounts in the water and chemical additives to the water. If you want to improve the taste of your tap water, forget bottled water or home water delivery. Have a water treatment system installed to either purify or filter the water in your home.

Water Purification for the Best Tasting Water at the Tap

Reverse osmosis systems purify your water by removing up to 96% of the total dissolved solids in the water and almost 100% of any impurities. By thoroughly filtering the water through several membranes, reverse osmosis gives you the purest water straight from your tap. In fact, you can even ask our plumbers to connect it to your refrigerator’s water supply, in some instances.

If you felt that your tap water just didn’t taste as good as bottled water, try reverse osmosis for purer, better tasting water for making ice, drinking, and cooking.

Filtration for Less Scale in Your Appliances

Tap water often can have an unusual taste due to dissolved minerals in it. In fact, these minerals do more than make the water taste unusual. They also cause scale build-up that can damage your plumbing appliances. A whole-home water softening system will filter and soften the water to improve its taste and prevent scale damage to your pipes and appliances.

While a home filtration system won’t produce water that tastes as good as that from a reverse osmosis purifier, you still get water with most contaminants removed. Plus, the filtered water comes from every tap in your home, including the shower and tub. Reverse osmosis only applies to the tap where the plumber installs the filtration system.

Tame Tap Water Taste by Choosing A Water Treatment System Today

If your tap water taste fails to meet your expectations, call us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems at 951.737.1500. We can help guide you to find the best solution for water treatment. Whether you want a reverse osmosis purification system or a whole-home softener, our Oceanus products are sure to perform up to and beyond your standards. We believe in both our products and services and are here to help you eliminate bad tap water taste.


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