Chloramine is commonly added to supplies by water districts to help treat the water. In fact, it is often used to help prevent bacteria growth in the water supply.

Sometimes, though, the chloramine levels in the water supply coming into your California home can cause issues. High levels of chloramines can reduce the lifespan of water softening resins and the life of carbon, which is commonly used in the manufacturing of water treatment system filters. It can also cause oxidation of RO membranes, as well as death to fish in aquariums that have used the water.

Chloramines can also wreak havoc on your copper pipes, by causing pinhole leaks that can lead to mold growth inside your home’s walls. Chloramine can also leach lead from old pipes and cause rubber components of your toilet to corrode. High levels of chloramines can definitely be detrimental to your home and plumbing system.

Oceanus Water Systems in Corona Can Help with High Chloramine Levels in Your Water

Oceanus Water Systems offers the healthiest and purest water for your home through a best in class water filtration product line designed and built with an emphasis on quality and integrity. High chloramines can be reduced with the right home water treatment system.

Features of the Oceanus Water Filtration System

Contact Oceanus Water Systems in Corona today to learn more about the best water treatment system for your Southern California home and how you can have the best and healthiest water for your family.

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