With the new year, you should consider what you drink when thinking about healthy lifestyle changes. Dehydration can make you feel tired and cranky. Drinking more water instead of caffeinated drinks or sugary sodas can help you to feel more hydrated and healthier. Check out these tips for drinking more quality water throughout your daily routine.

The Problem of Safe Drinking Water in California

Can you really trust that your home has constant access to safe drinking water? Whether the water is safe to drink comes from many factors, including where you live, the local rainfall amounts, and if you rely on well water or not. Those with wells have the greatest likelihood of droughts and other local conditions affecting the quality of their drinking water. In fact, 254 local community water supplies across California did not meet safe drinking water standards due to contaminants such as arsenic and other impurities.

A Water Treatment System for Better Tasting Water

Treating your water at home, regardless of its source can improve its quality and flavor. Reverse osmosis systems remove 99% of impurities from water. Water softeners with filtration can remove many impurities, too, such as chlorines and metals. A water treatment system can make it easier to get more water because the water from your tap will taste better than it would if you hadn’t treated it.

How to Drink More Water Effortlessly

If you want to drink more water, improve its quality and taste first with a water treatment system. Then, find creative ways to drink more throughout the day. Try some of the tricks below to increase your intake of healthy, all-natural water:

Get Started on Your Water Drinking Habit with an Oceanus Water Treatment System

At Oceanus, we can help you to drink more water in the new year by improving your water quality and taste. Contact us at Oceanusin Southern California today to find out more about how to get a water treatment system installed in your home. We’re here to help you live a healthier life by helping you to get the best quality water from your taps.








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