Drinking water provides your body with the hydration it needs to operate at its best. If you’re not drinking enough, you could become dehydrated. Even mild dehydration can cause headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, and irritability. If you sweat while exercising or working, have a fever, or spend time in a hot or arid climate, you will need more water than normal. Staying hydrated can keep you feeling great. But how can you get enough to drink if you don’t like plain water? Try some of the following ways to boost your water intake.

Improve Your Tap Water with Reverse Osmosis

The easiest way to drink more water is by improving the taste of what comes out of your tap. A water purification system that uses reverse osmosis eliminates almost 100% of impurities in the water, making it taste great. By installing this system, you get the great taste that many associate with bottled water. However, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a year buying bottles or water or worrying about the waste generated by all those plastic, single-use bottles.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Water

Some people find sparkling water is easier to drink than still water. You can find devices to add carbonation to your water such as soda siphons or seltzer machine. Carbonated water has air added, so it may not hydrate you as much as still water. However, carbonated water gives you the mouth-feel of soda without the extra sugar or costs of buying cases of cola.

Try Different Herbal Teas for Hydration

Herbal teas are a great way to transform your still water into tasty, hydrating beverages. Many herbal teas are not caffeinated like green or black teas. Hence, you won’t get the dehydrating effect of caffeine. After brewing herbal teas, you can pour them over ice for a cooling summer drink or sip them while hot for a warm winter beverage. The full flavor of many herbal teas means that you likely won’t need to add sugar to them, which makes these options healthier than sweetened iced teas or coffee drinks.

Start with High-Quality, Great-Tasting Drinking Water with a Reverse Osmosis System from Oceanus

The best thing to hydrate your body is plain drinking water. Improve your home’s tap water by contacting us at Oceanus to have a reverse osmosis system installed. You will get the purest, best-tasting water straight from your tap without the waste or cost of bottled water. Start today on your journey to feeling better and staying hydrated with a call to us at 951.737.1500.







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