Are you hosting a holiday dinner this season? If you have hard water, you may experience trouble getting your glassware and other dishes sparkling clean. There is a solution for this by getting a whole-home water softener to reduce the problems caused by hard water when cleaning.

Problems Hard Water Causes for Cleaning

Hard water contains minerals that stay behind after the water dries. You may notice blue, white, orange buildup on your dishes or appliances. Consequently, when you clean with hard water, you end up with water spots or water stains on dishes. You may also notice the same problem if you use tap water when you wash windows or other glass around your home.

The minerals in hard water also prevent soap or other detergents from creating suds as readily. Therefore, you will likely need to use up to 50% more soap or detergent for cleaning.

Why Softened Water Corrects Hard Water Issues

The problem with hard water and cleaning comes down to the presence of minerals. A water softener removes these minerals. Therefore, when you wash your dishes with softened water, you get sparkling clean results without having to use tricks or hacks.

Softer water also makes it easier to create a lather with soap and detergent. You will need to use less of these products whenever you clean. Consequently, you can save money on cleaning products, too.

Added Perks of a Water Softener

Water softeners save you money on detergent and improve the appearance of your dishes and glass. However, there are other perks to using soft water around your home. The same minerals in hard water that cause water spots can build up on your plumbing parts.

Therefore, if you continue to use hard water throughout your home, you may have problems with slow flowing water or pinhole leaks. Both issues can happen from scale deposits caused by hard water. When you switch to softened water, you can prevent these problems and future plumbing repairs caused by them.

Reach Out to Oceanus to Get Your Own Whole Home Water Softener and Get Sparkling Clean Dishes and More

At Oceanus, our team can help you to choose the best water treatment system for your home, including water softeners with or without filtration. Plus, we will install your water treatment solution to reduce water hardness, improve your cleaning ability, and protect your plumbing. If you want to improve the appearance of your dishes and eliminate hard spots for good, contact us at Oceanus.





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