Not all presents you give at the holidays will last. Toys get broken, jewelry loses value, and electronics become outdated. However, you can give your family the gift of clean-tasting water that they can enjoy for years to come. Plus, with better-tasting water at home, you can get your family to drink more freshwater instead of unhealthy sodas or sports drinks.

Why Tap Water Has an Unusual Taste

Tap water doesn’t normally taste good because it has chemicals added to it to kill bacteria and minerals are often dissolved in it from the local soil. These different minerals also explain why the tap water in places around the country and world have distinctive flavors, none of which are good.

If you don’t like the taste of tap water, you don’t have to go to bottled water to get a better tasting, healthier beverage. Bottled water is both expensive and wasteful. The bottles often end up in the ocean or stuck in landfills for decades because they don’t break down well.

You can get clean-tasting water, though, right from your tap. No, you don’t have to acclimate yourself to the taste of tap water. Instead, you need to treat the water before it reaches the faucet.

How Reverse Osmosis Works to Make Clean-Tasting Water

The solution to unusual tap water taste is to treat it through a reverse osmosis filtration system. Unlike simple filters, reverse osmosis forces water through a series of stages to remove chemicals and particulate matter. Total dissolved solids decrease by 96% and the water is almost 100% pure, much purer than even whole home treatment systems can attain.

Because this process requires five stages to filter and treat the water, you can only install one of these systems to provide fresh drinking water from one faucet. However, most people typically use only drink from one kitchen tap, anyway.

Even if you and your family drink the recommended six to eight cups of water a day, you wouldn’t come close to surpassing the 50 gallons our reverse osmosis system can process daily.

Contact Best Home Water Treatment Systems to Get Clean-Tasting Water in Your Home with Reverse Osmosis

If you want to make clean-tasting water a gift for your family this holiday season, call us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems today at 951.338.8616 to schedule a visit from one of our water treatment installers. They can help you to decide if reverse osmosis is the best option for your home. Or if you need a water softener or both. If you have questions about our water treatment or purification products, ask us by phone or contact us online. We would love to help you give your family healthy, clean-tasting water that will give them refreshment throughout the year.


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