Did you know that not all soaps work well with hard water? In fact, you could be creating more work for yourself if you use the wrong soap with the wrong water. Find out more about these interactions and how to fix them to reduce your spending on soap and cleaning supplies.

Hard Water and Castile Soap Don’t Mix

Castile soap is a popular option for many households because it is strong, versatile, and vegetable-based. Originally, this soap used a base of olive oil. Today, a variety of other vegetable-based oils can form the base of this soap.

Castile soap has a high salt content and a basic pH. Therefore, you should not use it combined with vinegar because the acid will neutralize the soap and leave behind the salts. When using castile soap with hard H2O, you will introduce more salts into the H20 with high mineral content. The result will be more deposits on the surface after cleaning unless you rinse with an acid to clean off the minerals.

Causes of Hard Water and Soap Problems

Hard water and soap combine to leave behind salts, often in the form of soap scum. The higher the mineral content of your soap and H20, the greater the chances are that your tub or shower will have soap scum in them. Since this problem originates from the minerals in both products, you can prevent it by altering the type of soap you use, your water hardness, or both.

How to Stop Soap Scum and Other Issues

To stop soap scum, you don’t have to quit using environmentally friendly castile soap. Instead, install in your home a water softener that will remove the minerals from your water and prevent the salt deposits or soap scum in the first place.

A whole-home water softener ensures that the water from every fixture and tap is free of scum-causing minerals. Therefore, you can clean with water in your kitchen or take a shower and not worry about leaving behind a layer of salts on surfaces in the area.

Correct Hard Water with a Call to Oceanus to Learn About Water Softening Systems for Your Home

You don’t need to change your soap selection. In fact, if you still have hard water, almost any soap will leave behind a film and soap scum. Plus, you will still have to deal with water spots and lime deposits. Soften your home’s water to eliminate these issues. Contact us at Oceanus to schedule a visit from one of our experts about how to get a whole-home water softener to fix your soap and water problems.







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