Your home’s water could be compromising your beauty efforts. Using hard water for washing your hair and skin can cause visible damage to both. Therefore, even with the best beauty products, you could be wasting your money due to hard water damage from your shower. Find out why hard water causes problems and how to fix it to stop wasting money on hair and skincare products to offset the damage.

Mineral Buildup in Hair

One of the biggest hard water problems for haircare is the greater amount of shampoo required to create a lather. Using too much shampoo makes it harder to wash out all that you used. Plus, you can waste money, especially if you choose high-end haircare products.

Sadly, the use of too much shampoo to cover all your hair has additional consequences for your appearance, too.

Hair Brittleness and Dullness

Hair washed in hard water looks dull, brittle, and lifeless. If you always had shiny hair before moving to an area with hard water, you can likely blame your water supply to your change in hair health. First, the buildup of shampoo in your hair can coat the strands, reducing the appearance of your hair’s natural color and shine.

Secondly, extra washing required to try to remove the excessive amounts of shampoo can cause brittleness in your hair. Additionally, you will have even more brittleness issues if you rinse your hair with hot water.

Third, if you have dandruff issues, they likely will worsen when you wash with hard water. The calcium from the hard water builds up in your scalp, causing the skin to react by producing dandruff.

Skin Dryness

Your skin is not immune to hard water damage, either. Soap that does not wash completely from your skin can leave your skin feeling unclean. In fact, because getting all the soap off your skin is difficult, you could leave behind some germs on your skin. Moreover, some people experience skin irritation from these leftover soap deposits.

Stop Hard Water Damage to Your Skin and Hair with a Whole Home Water Softener

Stop hard water damage to your appearance by investing in a whole-home water softener. Plus, you can take even better care of your skin by choosing a water softener for the whole home with a filtration system that makes it easier to drink fresh from your taps. Contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems for more information and how to get your home’s new softener installed by professionals.





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