Having hard water can harm your wallet. The dissolved minerals in hard water can increase your costs for cleaning products, water heaters, and plumbing repairs. These hard water dangers don’t have to cost you, though. There is a solution to these issue with a whole home water softening system.

Wastes Cleaning Soaps

First, when you have hard water, you can use much more soap for cleaning or washing yourself. Hard water contains minerals that make lathering soap difficult. Therefore, you use more soap and more water to create the lather. Therefore, when you have hard water, you waste both water and soap products. In fact, switching to a water softener could reduce the amount of soap you need by 50%. Over time, the savings of a water softener will add up, just as the hard water dangers to your wallet do.

Causes Premature Wear of Water Heaters

Some people believe that they can absorb the costs of using extra soap. However, what about needing to replace your home water heater more often? Heating water is one way to separate the minerals from the water. After heating, the minerals can sink to the bottom of a water heater, where they buildup, creating a layer of scale. In electric models, this scale can also coat the heating elements, reducing their ability to heat or causing them to fail completely.

When using soft water, water heater lifespans increase because the water does not precipitate calcium or magnesium to the bottom of the water heater.

Can Lead to Leaky Pipes

Have you ever experienced pipe leaks in your home? If so, you could have had another of the hard water dangers – leaking pipes. Minerals that cause scale can also create chemical reactions inside the pipes to produce pinhole leaks. These leaks will increase your home’s water bills, cause water damage inside your home, and require plumbing repairs. Avoid these leaks in the first place with softer water.

Soften Water with a Whole-Home Water Softener to Mitigate Hard Water Dangers

If you want to stop hard water dangers to your wallet permanently, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. We have water softeners, water softeners with filtration, and water conditioners all designed to mitigate the issues caused by hard water in the home. Our experts can help you choose the best option and install it to help you save money over time.








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