Cleaning products only remove hard water spots after they’ve formed. They are a solution that only masks the problem. To get rid of these spots on your dishes permanently, you need to address the root of the issue, your water. Softening your water prevents these troublesome spots from forming on your dishes in the first place.

How Do Hard Water Spots Form?

The hardness of water reflects the number of dissolved minerals in it. A higher percentage of calcium and magnesium makes the water harder. When you use water around your home and let wet surfaces air dry, the minerals do not evaporate into the air. They stay behind, leaving hard water spots.

Why Minerals Are Important in Hard Water Spot Creation

Water is not only composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Minerals in the mixture are common because most water comes from underground sources. Water naturally dissolves minerals in the ground and integrates them into the liquid.

These minerals do not cause health problems, but they can contribute to water spots on your dishes. The minerals will condense and solidify on surfaces after the water dries off. The left-behind minerals appear up in small amounts as hard water spots. Over time, hard water blots on surfaces such as faucet fixtures will eventually build up into limescale.

How to Stop Hard Water Spots from Forming

Most prevention techniques for hard water stains or spots include preventing water from drying on surfaces. After they’ve formed, treatment with diluted vinegar is a common solution. However, you don’t have to rush to sop up the water with a towel to avoid having water blots on your dishes or surfaces.

Install a whole-home water softener to keep hard water blots from forming in the first place. By removing the minerals from the water through ion exchange, these systems remove the element that creates the water blots. You will have a permanent solution to your hard water woes.

Soften Your Home’s Water with a Whole-Home Water Softener from Oceanus

The only way to avoid hard water spot is by changing your home’s water. Water softeners remove the minerals that cause the water blots, but you need a model that will treat all the water in your home, including the supplies to your water heater and your dishwasher. Contact us at Oceanus to find out more about our whole-home water softening systems and how to get one in your home. You shouldn’t have to deal with dirty-looking hard water spotted dishes. Solve the problem for good with a water softener.





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