The mineral density of your home’s water does make an impact on your overall spending. From buying cleaning products more often to spending more time removing limescale, harden water is more costly than you think. Uncover the hidden costs of having hard water in your home and find out how to save money over time.

Cleaning Products Costs

When you have hard water, cleaning products for your home and your body do not create suds as readily. Consequently, you will need to use up to 50% more of the products to get the necessary lather for cleaning. The greater amount of cleaning products needed will add up over time. With hard water, you are wasting money by spending far more on cleaning supplies than you need to. Soft water will reduce the amount of soap and detergent that you need by half.

Plumbing Damage

Hard water will cause you to schedule more regular visits from your plumber over time. For instance, a tank water heater should last 10 years. However, with a high mineral content in the water, your unit’s lifespan shrinks to an average of four to six years, meaning you’ll spend twice as much overtime buying water heaters for your home.

The pipes and fixtures in your home can also suffer from lime deposits. This buildup slows water through the pipes and can reduce pressure. In some cases, it can create tiny, pinhole leaks that will raise your utility bills, too.

Hard Water Causing Mineral Deposits on Surfaces

Hard water stains and spots on surfaces happen when water air dries and leave behind the minerals. These stains and spots will worsen over time. Plus, you have to spend time scrubbing them away or treating them with vinegar to eliminate them. This time wasted is another of the hidden costs of hard water.

Additionally, mineral deposits can become worse than simply cosmetic stains. On some fixtures, such as faucets and showerheads, mineral deposits will collect and block the opening, reducing water pressure. Soft water does not have the minerals that cause these deposits. Therefore, you can avoid water spots and stains by getting a water softener for your home.

Soften Your Water to Reduce the Hidden Costs of Having Hard Water in Your Home

The only way to reduce the damage done by hard water and cut your costs in dealing with it is to have a whole-home water softener installed. Get started on the process today by scheduling a visit from an Oceanus expert. Contact us today to find out how to get a water softener in your home to start eliminating hard water hidden costs.





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