If you have noticed that your clothes are starting to look a bit off color and your towels are not quite as fluffy as you remember, you may have a hard water issue in your California home.

Here are some of the most common laundry issues that are associated with having hard water in your home: 

Why Hard Water is Rough on Laundry 

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, which do not pair well with laundry soaps and harsh detergents. The hard water prevents the water from properly combining with the laundry soap for cleaning and instead, the minerals bond with the soap to create a clump of detergent that adheres to the fibers in the cloth. It is almost impossible to have clean and white or bright clothes when washing in hard water. 

The higher amount of minerals, the harder the water and the worse your laundry will look if washed in it on a regular basis. In fact, Purdue University did a study that revealed that clothes regularly washed in hard water will wear out about 15% quicker than those washed in soft water.

If hard water is wreaking havoc on your clothes and linens, it may be time to have your water tested by a professional water system company like Oceanus in Corona, CA to find a solution to improve the water in your California home. A professional can help you choose the best home water treatment system for your home so you can wash your clothes without fear of ruining them due to hard water issues.


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