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InstaHot system — Your hot water problem is gone

Tired of waiting until your kettle does the job? Are there always hot water supply issues that make it hard to defrost chicken quickly to cook a family meal? These are the headaches of the past with the best instant hot water dispenser: InstaHot. InstaHot looks small, but its role is big. It is a reliable instant boiling water dispenser that delivers hot water at 200°F. Turn it on when you need to make coffee, instant noodles, or cereals, and let InstaHot dispense water at the right temperature — day or night.
Insinkerator Instant Hot

Make hot beverages, kickstart boiling, quickly clean dishes, thaw frozen food, serve hot cereals, and clean without harsh chemicals. There are countless ways to use an instant hot water dispenser. IH1 Instahot system includes undercounter unit and dedicated faucet.

water filtration system

The system features a 50 gpd reverse osmosis membrane and top quality coconut carbon filtration in a five stage configuration. Designed with hygienically sealed filter cartridges and color-coded fittings for fast installation and easy service

Reverse osmosis system for contaminant-free water on tap

It’s time to keep contaminants at bay! This reverse osmosis water filter system removes them from your water so that you can use it for cooking or drinking. It can come in handy in any household as it allows you to drink tap water or make ice cubes without worrying about harmful chemicals. The RO system relies on the revolutionary multi-stage purification technology to make your water better-tasting and safer.

The best salt-free water conditioner for clean water

What if you could get clean tap water without a plumbing overhaul? Our water conditioner with 5-stage filtration technology ensures clean, fresh potable water while keeping your pipes clog-free and allowing you to enjoy higher-quality water at home. The salt-free system is great for your health because it uses no chemicals, making it ideal for homes with pets and children.

A water conditioner is a great solution to eliminate the potentially harmful impurities leaving you with mountain spring like water throughout your home.

Dual Dia Black Brine Tank

DM Softener includes Watts W100 control valve, dual chamber Vortech tank and 18″ x 36″ brink tank. The combination of two technologies in one tank reduces costs, while still having the carbon and resin in separate chambers, ensuring proper contact time and no media migration.

Best salt-free water softener and filtration system

Hard water is a plague for any household, with scaling and clogged drain lines. When the concentration of dissolved solids is off the charts, there’s no way to avoid broken appliances, hair issues, and dirty glassware. Invest in a water softener & conditioner designed by Best Home Water Treatment Systems.

Our advanced salt-free water softener and filter system is a low-maintenance combo unit that works by softening and filtering your water while generating zero waste. Its double effects are strong enough to ensure no high amounts of chlorine and magnesium in your water, minimizing plumbing threats. From now on, your household water is always protected from hardness issues!

The highest water quality guaranteed with the best water softener system

Does your hair feel sticky after washing as if you’ve just come back from a safari tour in the Sahara Desert? Hard water is the culprit. It prevents soap and shampoo from lathering up to the point when bathing doesn’t help you clean your hair. But dryness and hardness issues aren’t there forever, especially when using our salt-free water softener system. 

This system brings soft water to all your spouts and taps by creating a filtration shield against hardness. With soft water, sticky hair issues are the problems of the past — and so are the stains on glass surfaces that chip away at the aesthetics of your living space.

Water Softener

Sr Softener includes Watts W100 control valve, Vortech mineral tank and 18″ x 36″ brine tank. W100 metered valves monitor watter usage, whicih increase efficiency and reduce salt usage. Space saving design features vortech tank technology for higher backwash rates and float valve to prevent brine overflow. These water softeners have no gravel bed reducing cost and weight. Tanks are NSF certified & in USA assembled.