Insinkerator Instant Hot

Instant Hot Water

Make hot beverages, kickstart boiling, quickly clean dishes, thaw frozen food, serve hot cereals, and clean without harsh chemicals. There are countless ways to use an instant hot water dispenser. IH1 Instahot system includes undercounter unit and dedicated faucet.

– Hot & Cold lever handles – Hot delivers near boiling 200°F while cold delivers room temperature water.

– Hot lever automatically shuts off to prevent accidental scalding & cool lever remains on for easy use to fill.

– Graceful high-arc spouts for beauty and convenience.

– Multiple desings with up to 11 finishes to choose from (White, Biscuit, French Gold, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Mocha Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black and Gloss Black)

– Energy efficient – Uses less energy than a 40 watt light bulb.

– Durable all brass construction.

– Works with a stainless steel tank installed under your kitchen sink.

– Great add-on to any of our whole house water treatment systems..

InstaHot system — Your hot water problem is gone

Tired of waiting until your kettle does the job? Are there always hot water supply issues that make it hard to defrost chicken quickly to cook a family meal? These are the headaches of the past with the best instant hot water dispenser: InstaHot.

InstaHot looks small, but its role is big. It is a reliable instant boiling water dispenser that delivers hot water at 200°F. Turn it on when you need to make coffee, instant noodles, or cereals, and let InstaHot dispense water at the right temperature — day or night.

There’s no learning curve involved in getting used to InstaHot. It is a double-handle system with two dedicated handles for hot and cold water:

  • When the hot water handle is pressed, near-boiling water is instantly discharged from InstaHot’s kitchen under-counter unit through the spout.
  • When the cold water handle is pressed, room temperature water flows out. You can use it for washing dishes, cleaning, or other purposes.

But wait, is the instant release of near-boiling water safe for you or the little ones in your home? Absolutely! The InstaHot system features an automatic shutoff valve for hot water to minimize the risks of burns and a robust brass spout to withstand multiple uses per day.

If there are few things you hate more than ugly kitchen appliances, you’ll be happy to know InstaHot can take on the design that aligns with your preferences. When buying our instant hot water dispenser, you can select a finish with a brushed, matte, or shiny touch so that it blends seamlessly with your appliances and cabinets. There are as many as 11 finish options for all kitchen styles.

Unlike your kettle, this instant hot water dispenser requires no visible units to be installed on your countertop. With its under-counter unit, you don’t have to experiment with organizing your appliances or keeping your cooking essentials away.
Efficiency is another thing that will make you want to swap your kettle for InstaHot. It’s more energy-efficient than most kettles, requiring less energy than a 40W lamp to deliver hot water. You can use it every day, knowing you aren’t laying a trap for yourself and your household budget.
Is there a place for the best instant hot water system in your home? Leave your inquiry for InstaHot installation in Southern California!
It is recommended you add a reverse osmosis system to your house if you have an InstaHot. IH1 System comes with a filter, but the RO system will provide purified drinking water for both the hot and cold handles.

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