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Sr Softener includes Watts W100 control valve, Vortech mineral tank and 18″ x 36″ brine tank. W100 metered valves monitor watter usage, whicih increase efficiency and reduce salt usage.
Space saving design features vortech tank technology for higher backwash rates and float valve to prevent brine overflow. These water softeners have no gravel bed reducing cost and weight.
Tanks are NSF certified & in USA assembled

– Soft water to every fixture in home.

– Some reduction in chlorides.

– “Silky smooth” bathing & showering water. Get that smooth sudsy lather.

– No more water spots on glassware and shower doors.

– Hard water scale prevention to extend life of the plumbing, water heater and other water using appliances.

– Water hardness reduced to less than 1 grain per gallon (gpg).

– Use up to 50% less soap and cleaning products.

– System automatically regenerates based on your personal water usage, not time, saving you money.

– System includes softener tank which holds the resin and separate brine tank which holds the softener pellets.

– System operates on either sodium chloride or potassium chloride softener pellets.

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The highest water quality guaranteed with the best water softener system

Does your hair feel sticky after washing as if you’ve just come back from a safari tour in the Sahara Desert? Hard water is the culprit. It prevents soap and shampoo from lathering up to the point when bathing doesn’t help you clean your hair. But dryness and hardness issues aren’t there forever, especially when using our salt-free water softener system. 

This system brings soft water to all your spouts and taps by creating a filtration shield against hardness. With soft water, sticky hair issues are the problems of the past — and so are the stains on glass surfaces that chip away at the aesthetics of your living space.

Hard water is rich in minerals that make up deposits, which may be detrimental to your taps and pipes. That’s when water softener installation may sound like the smartest damage prevention step you can take today. With our softener, you can quickly eliminate plumbing issues without overwhelming appliance repair costs.

Limescale is a widespread cause of malfunctioning dishwashers and unsightly spots on your favorite coffee pot. But no matter how widespread it is, it only takes a decent softener to thwart it. Even if you live in a brine-restricted area, you can protect your appliances from scale accumulation with Southern California’s best salt-free water softener system. It’s ready to target scale once installed — no backflushing or salt refills are required.

Our softener uses an NSF-certified tank filled with special-purpose pellets to neutralize calcium and magnesium particles in hard water. When the softened water gets into your plumbing system, it won’t build up scale and stick to surfaces. 

Using harsh chemicals isn’t a permanent solution for coping with annoying build-ups inside your boiler and pipes. They can only help for some time while attacking surfaces and harming the environment. For a safer and more lasting softening effect, add our salt-free water softener to your water supply system. Here’s something you will enjoy from the get-go:
  • Household appliances that last longer than ever
  • Cleaning and laundry are easier to do
  • No effects of corrosion
  • No sticky hair and dry skin issues
Can’t wait to upgrade your home with the best salt-free water softener system? Connect with us for installation service and guidance in Southern California. It is recommended you add a reverse osmosis system to your house if you have a water softener installed. Though perfectly safe to drink softened water, it is recommended to drink water without the sodium content that a softener adds to the water. The RO removes this sodium.