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Water Quality in Southern California

The majority of the water in Southern California comes from three main sources:

• Colorado River Aqueduct
• State Water Project of Northern California
• Municipal groundwater

Water is considered “hard” when it has a high concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium. All three of Southern California’s water sources are known to be “hard” due to these minerals and are measured in two different ways.

• Parts per million (ppm)
• grains per gallon (Gpg) of calcium carbonate

We care for your water

Not all filtered water is created equal. With so many water companies and products out there remember that we are here to support you and answer all of your questions. Be sure to check out our list of high quality water treatment products to determine what is the system that is best for you and your lifestyle.

The Best Home Water Treatment Systems

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Our Products

Say goodbye to hard water loaded with metals, chlorine, fluoride and other unwanted particles coming from municipal sources. As a water filtration company, we provide a range of high-end water purification systems to be installed at your home. Our products can be used to eliminate hard minerals like magnesium and calcium and trap impurities for the best-tasting and safe-to-drink water.

With Best Home Water Treatment Systems, you can get water softeners with/without filtration, water conditioners, reverse osmosis (RO) filters and instantaneous hot water systems. We’re happy to come and install them anywhere in Southern California.

Insinkerator Instant Hot

Instant Hot Water

Make hot beverages, kickstart boiling, quickly clean dishes, thaw frozen food, serve hot cereals, and clean without harsh chemicals. There are countless ways to use an instant hot water dispenser. IH1 Instahot system includes undercounter unit and dedicated faucet.

water filtration system

Reverse Osmosis

The system features a 50 gpd reverse osmosis membrane and top quality coconut carbon filtration in a five stage configuration. Designed with hygienically sealed filter cartridges and color-coded fittings for fast installation and easy service

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Water Conditioner

A water conditioner is a great solution to eliminate the potentially harmful impurities leaving you with mountain spring like water throughout your home.

Dual Dia Black Brine Tank

Water Softener & Filtration

DM Softener includes Watts W100 control valve, dual chamber Vortech tank and 18″ x 36″ brink tank. The combination of two technologies in one tank reduces costs, while still having the carbon and resin in separate chambers, ensuring proper contact time and no media migration.

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Water Softener

Sr Softener includes Watts W100 control valve, Vortech mineral tank and 18″ x 36″ brine tank. W100 metered valves monitor watter usage, whicih increase efficiency and reduce salt usage. Space saving design features vortech tank technology for higher backwash rates and float valve to prevent brine overflow. These water softeners have no gravel bed reducing cost and weight. Tanks are NSF certified & in USA assembled.

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We transform ordinary water into clean water

Water Bottles Saved
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Benefits of water treatment services: Softening and filtration

Not sure whether you need a water softening or filtration system? Be sure to opt for a softener to.

A water softener is a cinch to install and disconnect. That means you can easily take it with you if you choose to move to a different place.

On the other hand, a filtration system is your best residential water treatment option if you’re looking to.

You can also enjoy the benefits of the two treatment processes at the same time. Consider pairing a softener with an RO system or get a softener-filter combo. We have all that. Contact us for advice or the installation of one of our water treatment systems in California. We’ll make your water softer and healthier!

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