It’s natural to confuse water softeners with salt-free water conditioners. The two systems don’t operate the same; therefore, they have different names. The former softens water by removing minerals and replacing them with salt. However, a water conditioner has a completely different operation that doesn’t put salt into your water. Find out how these systems work to protect your plumbing from hard water damage.

What a Water Conditioner Does

If you have hard water and want to stop the annoying process of scraping scale off your showerheads and faucets, you might choose a water softener or conditioner. Both stop buildup before it starts. A water softener physically removes the minerals from the water and replaces them with salt. Water conditioners treat the minerals to keep them from creating scale. Your plumbing system will have less scale buildup in the pipes and on showerheads.

How a Water Conditioner Works

The method used by a water conditioner starts with its medium. A special media of beads inside the tank grab the calcium and magnesium minerals from the water. The beads interact with the minerals to turn them into crystals. In their crystalline form, the minerals will not stick to plumbing fixtures, saving you from dealing with limescale. However, the crystals are harmless, tasteless, and odorless, so you won’t see any changes in your water quality aside from its improved filtered taste.

Water Conditioners Benefits

To operate at their best, water conditioners typically need clean water. Filtration of the water before it goes through the conditioner gives you filtered and conditioned water at every tap in your home. Additionally, you get the benefits of avoiding scale damage and your water is healthier without added salt.

Schedule Your Visit from Oceanus Water Treatment Experts for a Water Conditioners
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