Because you use water in your home daily, for cleaning, cooking, and drinking, you want to make certain that the water will not harm your health. Softened water could impact your hair, skin, and heart health. Make sure that you know how before deciding on a home water softener.

Impacts on Hair

Hard water can cause your hair to become brittle and dry. If you have colored hair, your hair may take on an unnatural orange or greenish hue. Installing a home water softener can correct the problems of excessive drying and color issues the minerals in hard water cause.

Once you have soft water coming through your shower head, you’ll notice that your hair feels much softer. However, some people report that their softer hair feels more weighed down. But, the softer water won’t impact your hair color, and you don’t have to deal with brittleness anymore.

Effects on Skin

The same way that hard water makes hair dry also affects the skin. Dry skin, and conditions worsened by it, become more extreme when you have hard water. Exchanging to soft water may not eliminate the need for lotion, but it can help to improve itchiness or dryness caused by hard water. If you have a medical condition, such as eczema or psoriasis, talk to your doctor before making any major changes to your lifestyle, including the type of water you shower with.

Concerns for Heart Patients on Special Diets

Some heart patients put on very low sodium diets by their doctors may not be able to drink softened water or use it in cooking due to the added salt. This is an area that patients should talk to their doctors about before deciding to get a water softener. However, if your doctor will not allow a water softener, you can still get a water conditioner that offers many of the same benefits without using salt.

Get a Home Water Softener or Conditioner from Oceanus to Boost Your Health

If you’re tired of dry skin and brittle hair, consider softening your water with a whole home treatment system from us at Oceanus. We have options for you to choose from whether you are looking for a home water softener or a salt-free water conditioner. You can even choose a softener system to also filter the water, giving you healthier water at each tap. Improve your health today by making the call to Oceanus to learn more about your water softening choices.