RO treated water requires more time to create due to the intricate filtration process that it undergoes. However, this highly purified water has many uses in your home. Though, there are some ways that you should not use RO treated water. If you are thinking about getting a reverse osmosis water purifier or have one already, find out more about the water that this system creates.

What Is RO Treated Water?

RO treated water goes through the reverse osmosis process. This process involves fives separate steps to more thoroughly purify water compared to filtration systems. In fact, RO treated water has 96% of dissolved solids in it removed and is almost 100% pure.

How to Use RO Treated Water

The additional steps required for producing reverse osmosis treated water mean that you will need a system for each faucet that you want to have purified water come from. Typically, homes only need one unit in the kitchen for the sink tap or the refrigerator’s water dispenser.

The highly pure nature of this water makes it taste better and is useful for cooking and drinking. Our systems can produce up to 50 gallons of water per day to fulfill the needs of even the thirstiest families.

What You Cannot Use with Reverse Osmosis Treated Water

While purified water works well for drinking and cooking, its highly pure nature can pose a problem for the plumbing used to carry it. In fact, with RO systems, you should only use the plastic tubing rated for the system. Do not use copper tubing or other metal pipes with RO water.

The pure nature of this water means that it does not have as many minerals in it. Therefore, it becomes more likely to leech ions from metals that it contacts for extended periods of time. One of the biggest targets of purified water is copper. If you use copper tubing in a reverse osmosis system, it could pull enough copper from the tubing to cause a small leak in the tube.

Contact Best Home Water Treatment Systems for a Reverse Osmosis System Installed in Your Home

If you want to enjoy the benefits of pure water in your kitchen, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems at our office number: 951.338.5878. You can also reach out to us online through our contact form. We have reverse osmosis systems and other water treatment systems. These can help to solve your concerns about the water that you and your family use.


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