Water quality refers to not just the taste and smell of the water but how it interacts with the plumbing in your home. Water hardness can be one of the causes of perceptible issues with your home’s water quality. The source of this hardness can be the calcium in it. The good news is that you can make changes to your home’s plumbing system to mitigate the problems caused by excessive calcium.

What Is Calcium in Water?

Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring mineral. When rain falls onto the ground, it dissolves calcium in the surrounding rock, which becomes dissolved solids in the water.

This mineral can be positive in some uses but produces negative effects in other situations. In fact, many people take forms of calcium as dietary supplements to help with bone-building. While calcium is good for contributing to the strength of bones inside the body, it does not help your water quality.

Is Too Much Calcium in Water Bad?

Having too much calcium and other dissolved solids in water makes the water hard. These solids remain dissolved in cold water. However, if a surface has water dry off it, the minerals do not evaporate, leaving behind discoloration in the form of lime deposits or hard water stains.

The problem also occurs in places where you cannot see the effects, such as inside a water heater. When the water boils, it precipitates the minerals out, leaving them behind to coat the heating elements on electric water heaters or the interior of the tank on non-electric models. Over time, these minerals can completely coat the surfaces, causing the water heater to drop in efficiency.

How to Correct Water Quality with a Softener

To fix the problems caused by calcium in the water, you need to remove the minerals from the water upon entry to your home. A whole-home water softener fixes these problems and protects your plumbing. Water softeners actively switch out the minerals with salt ions. These types of devices require regular refills of fresh salt to keep them working.

Water conditioners work in a different way. They condition the water to reduce damage caused by calcium and other hard water minerals to the plumbing but they don’t actually remove these elements.

Reach Out to Us for Whole Home Water Treatment Options to Improve Your Home’s Water Quality

If you live in Southern California, you likely have excessive amounts of calcium in your water. Improve your home’s water quality through a whole-home water softener system to reduce the hardness and make it less damaging to your plumbing and to reduce buildup. Contact us today to find out about










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