A whole-home water filtration system needs a filter that you must change regularly to ensure the most efficient operation. However, the exact timing is not an easy answer to give. Several factors determine how often you need to replace the filter in your whole home water treatment system.

Factors That Impact How Often to Change Water Filters

Before scheduling filter replacements, you need to know which factors affect the longevity of the working components. First, you may need to change water filters more often if you have hard water. The hardness of water comes from the amount of minerals in it. More minerals can lead to more deposits in the filter.

Secondly, how much does your family use water? If you have a large family that uses a lot of water, you will need to change the filters more often. The amount of water that passes through a filtration system often correlates to how often you need to replace the filters. For small homes with one or two people, you will need filter changes less often than abodes with large families.

Third, if you have well water that passes through a filtration system, you may need to replace the filters more often. The well water retains all the sediments from its source that municipal water would not have. Your filtration system must remove these sediments, causing the filter to clog faster than when processing less sediment-filled city water.

Indications That You Need to Change Water Filters

Because water filtration systems impact the flavor and scent of water, you will be able to tell when your system needs attention. For instance, the water may no longer taste as good as it did when you first installed the filter. Smells might also appear in the water, especially if you have a treatment system filter to remove chlorination or chloramines. Discoloration in the water or reduced pressure could also indicate clogged filters in your water treatment system.

Types of Filters

Your filtration system has several filters that have different timeframes for replacement. For instance, the sediment pre-filter may need replacing every three to six months. Optional post filters to remove bacteria or protozoa can last up to 12 months between changes. Slower water flow could indicate that you may need to replace your iron filter if your home has one.

Get Help When You Need to Change Water Filters or a New Water Treatment System

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