You have to trust the local municipality for ensuring the quality of your water. But just trusting that the water quality meets regulations is not the only option that you have. There are several methods available to ensure the quality of the water you and your family drink, including purifying the city’s water in your home to remove any contaminants that municipal water treatment missed.

Read Consumer Confidence Reports

Most city water treatment services will send out an annual consumer confidence report to homeowners in the service area. These reports break down information on water quality. Information that you will find in these reports include the following:

When reading these reports, look for any contaminant levels that exceed EPA standards. There will be a note next to these indicating that the levels are in violation. Next, see if cryptosporidium parasites are in the water. Chlorination often will not kill these, and they can cause severe diarrhea in those with weakened immune systems.

Lastly, the contaminant levels section has information on when the last test occurred. If you feel especially concerned about contaminants in your drinking water and the city has not conducted recent tests, you may consider independent water testing.

Get Water Testing

Typically, people seek independent water testing of well water or sources other than municipal drinking water. However, if you have reason to believe that your drinking water does not meet water quality standards, you could seek a testing company to study it.

Install Water Purification Systems in Your Home

Lastly, if you feel concerned about your home’s water quality, contact us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems. Our productsinclude a range of ways to better the water quality and taste. We have purification systems that use reverse osmosis for the purest water possible. You could also choose a filtration system that softens the water, too. Let us know how you want to improve your water quality, and we’ll work with you to find the best options.

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