Maybe you realized that you have hard water when you needed to replace a water heater. If you looked inside the old tank, you would have seen a thick, white coating of minerals. This mineral coating came from years of exposure to hard water in your home’s supply. Yes, that is the same water that you drank from the tap. If you want to fix hard water in your home, you must recognize the problem and learn about your options.

Why You Should Fix Hard Water

Instead of wondering why you should fix hard water in your home, ask yourself how many water heaters you want to buy over the years. How many scale treatment products do you want to use? How much extra laundry soap should you pour into your washing machine? Hard water becomes expensive over the years. In fact, not fixing it could cost you more from the extra time, effort, and products you buy to combat its effects.

Options to Fix Hard Water

Unfortunately, if you want to fix hard water, you cannot take a DIY approach. Appliances to treat water connect to your home’s entire water supply. You must have a professional install these systems to ensure that they work correctly and do not impede your home’s water service.

Additionally, the size of a treatment system to fix hard water depends on your home. Larger homes with more water fixtures will need larger treatment systems. A professional must choose the right size for your home to avoid problems with your water flow or pressure.

Water softeners work with salts that counter the effects of hard water minerals. To qualify as soft water, the output from these appliances must have less than one grain per gallon of dissolved minerals in it. We offer the Oceanus DR water softening system to reach this strict level of softness.

Another option that is not technically a water softener but can prevent scale in your plumbing is the Healthy Home water treatment system. Because it does not use salts, it is different from the DR water softener. However, this choice works well if you have a no-sodium or low-sodium directive from a doctor that prohibits ingesting softened water.

Let Us Fix Hard Water in Your Home

At Best Home Water Treatment Systems, we sell the appliances and offer installation of the softeners you need for better water. Get in touch with our office at 951.737.1500 if you want to schedule a visit to find out more about the size of the water softener your home needs and to get it installed.


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