Lime deposits on dishes, your coffee maker, taps, and showerheads indicate a larger problem. There are some ways that you can clean off lime from these areas and others. However, it will come back. If you want to get rid of lime in your home once and for all, there is one sure method that works.

Clean with Vinegar or Another Mildly Acidic Cleaner

Lime deposits around your home can be as mild as hard water stains on glassware or as serious as dense buildup that impacts the performance of your taps. For a temporary solution, you can use mildly acidic agents such as vinegar or lemon juice to dissolve the lime. This method works well for dishwashers, kettles, and coffeemakers. Unfortunately, this process requires soaking the component in the acid for a few minutes to overnight, depending on the amount of buildup. There are better solutions.

Use a Reverse Osmosis Purifier at the Tap

If lime inside your coffeemaker or kettle bothers you the most, consider installing a reverse osmosis purifier at your kitchen tap and using this water for all your cooking needs. The system removes all impurities from the water, including the calcium and magnesium that can cause lime buildup. Plus, you get fresh water that tastes pure.

Unfortunately, if you have major lime deposits -around your home a reverse osmosis purifier at one tap won’t solve those issues. You will need something to treat hard water all around the house. However, you should still consider installing a purifier for the improved water taste it provides.

Use a Water Softener to Prevent Lime Deposits

The best way to get rid of lime deposits permanently is to prevent them. Lime deposits come from hard water packed with calcium and magnesium. By installing a whole-home water softener, you eliminate these minerals, stopping lime before it can ruin your dishes and your plumbing.

Get Rid of Lime Permanently with a Water Treatment System

Find out more about how to permanently get rid of lime deposits in your home by contacting us at Oceanus today. We can help you to find the right water treatment system to eliminate the problems caused by hard water, including lime deposits around your home.





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