You don’t have to settle for poor-quality water in your home. Get healthier with a whole-home water filtration system that reduces chlorides and chloramine while removing impurities. Our Oceanus Healthy Home System does not use salt to deliver better water to every faucet and fixture in your home.

What Is a Healthy Home Package?

In a Healthy Home Package, you get everything you need to filter all the water coming into your home. Since we customize the size of each package based on your plumbing system, you can be assured of getting the right components to make your drinking water healthier. This system helps to rid your home’s water of heavy metals, odors, chemicals, impurities, and off tastes.

Unlike other water treatment packages that may use sodium for softening the water, the Healthy Home Package does not, making it a better choice for those on low-sodium diets.

The use of this package also helps to protect your plumbing hardware from the damaging effects caused by mineral deposits in the pipes, water heater, and plumbing appliances. Hard water can shorten the life of your plumbing appliances. With treated water, you can extend the life of your water heater, clothes washer, dishwasher, and other appliances.

You Can’t Just Get This Anywhere

While you can DIY some things in your home, you cannot just go to a hardware store to pick up this whole home water filter. To get the Oceanus Healthy Home Package, you need professional sizing and installation. That’s where we come in. If you are near Corona, CA, call our office at 951.737.1500 to schedule our Best Home Water Treatment Systems team to come to your home. We’ll install this package so you can start enjoying fresher, healthier water from every tap.