Did you know that the average home wastes 10% of its shower water waiting for the water to heat up? This does not include how long people wait for hot water from their kitchen faucets. If you need to get hot water for drinking, using your hot water tap wastes water and could be unhealthy. A better option is an instant hot water source that has a dedicated tap in your kitchen.

How to Get Hot Water

Typically, if you want hot water for cooking or drinking, you need to boil cold tap water. You should not drink hot water from the tap, especially if you have a tank water heater.

The water heater cannot attain temperatures high enough to make the water safe to drink. Some hot water heaters will allow bacteria to grow. While the bacteria won’t hurt you to shower with, you should not drink the hot tap water. Plus, this water may only reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not hot enough to prepare tea or coffee, which requires water at 200 degrees F or higher.

The best way to get hot water that is safe to drink and at a high enough temperature for drinks without waiting for it to boil is by having an instant hot water system installed.

How an Hot Water Delivery System Works

An instant hot water tap has a heating unit directly under the counter. This unit heats the water to the temperature that you set for the hot water. Despite its ability to heat water quickly and to high temperatures, the unit uses as much energy as a 40-watt light bulb. The system also has a separate cold water tap for when you need cold water.

Benefits of Hot Water

Instant hot water system saves you time from having to wait for the water to boil. You can use the hot water to instantly prepare instant hot cereals, ramen noodles, tea, or coffee. Plus, you can use this hot water to thaw foods from the freezer or use it to speed up boiling water for cooking.

An instant hot water system typically comes with a filter. However, to get the best water for your food and drinks, pair the instant hot water system with a reverse osmosis water purifier. This combination will ensure that you have purified water, which will let the flavors of your tea or coffee become prominent because the purified hot water will not have impurities that affect the taste.

Reach Out to Oceanus for Hot Water System Installation in Your Home

If you want to upgrade your kitchen to get access to safe, nearly boiling hot water for preparing instant soups and drinks, contact us at Oceanus. We install hot water systems, whole home water softeners, water purifiers, and much more. Even if you don’t like the taste of your tap water, water treatment can improve its taste and utility in your home. Find out how much we can improve your water by contacting us for a free in-home consultation







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