Water from your taps is a modern convenience that many take for granted. The quality of the water is also something that few think about aside from the taste. To overcome off tastes, many may buy bottled water or use low-cost filtration options. However, these do not treat another major problem that many have with their water but don’t recognize – hard water. The hardness of your water impacts your home’s entire plumbing system. Treating it with a water softener can help to protect your plumbing and make using your water for cleaning easier.

Signs of Hard Water

Hard water can cause many inconveniences in your home. Some people think they need to change soap brands or switch detergents, but they really need soft water.

Hard water happens because calcium and other minerals have high concentrations in the water. When hard water sits for a while or dries from a surface, these minerals will settle to the bottom of the container, causing scale to build up on faucets and in water heater tanks. Your plumbing system is designed to carry and move water, not hard minerals. Too much scale buildup can lead to pipe corrosion. If you have a tank water heater, the lifespan will drastically reduce with hard water.

Another major problem caused by hard water is the water’s inability to cleanly rinse the soap off surfaces and to properly lather up soap. Products like Jet Dry added to your dishwasher treat the water in the appliance to prevent spots on glassware, but it will not help you to use less soap in the shower or detergent in your laundry. If you have regularly switched soaps trying to find a solution that rinses out better, you may have hard water.

Don’t simply change the products you use in your home. These temporary solutions do nothing to protect your pipes and water heater. Instead, get a system to soften your home’s water. Soft water will overcome the difficulties of hard water and provide you with many advantages.

Advantages of Soft Water

Soft water requires up to 50% less soap for getting your body, hair, clothes, and dishes clean. When you have soft water, your pipes have a lower likelihood of corroding from mineral deposits. Also, your water heater will last longer. Yes, having soft water is important for cleaning your home and protecting your plumbing system.

Is Soft Water Safe to Drink? 

Some people who have never had soft water wonder if it is dangerous to drink. People in many parts of the country have naturally soft water, and they do not experience ill health effects from it. However, if you need a water softener in your home to treat hard water, some models add sodium to the water, like the DR series model. Talk to your doctor about drinking water that uses sodium or potassium chloride for softening.

For those who cannot have any added sodium or potassium, there is an alternative. The Healthy Home system reduces scale from the water without needing to add extra sodium or potassium to the water.

How to Get Soft Water in Your Home

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