During 2020, American shoppers encountered problems with supplies of soap, detergent, and cleaning products. While supplies have mostly restored to previous levels, some products are still in short supply, including soap in some places. You may be wasting soap and needing to buy it more often than you should. Find out how to use less soap at home without sacrificing the amount that you clean yourself and your home.

Soap and Suds

One of the reasons that makes soap so effective is how it expands and covers more space through creating suds. The amount of suds that your soap products depends more on your water, though, than on the brand of soap that you use.

Soap bubbles or suds form from the soap trapping small amounts of water inside. To reduce the amount of strength the soap needs to hold water inside, the layers of soap form spheres.

If you want to produce the best bubbles or suds from pure hand soap, you will need to use distilled water. Standard soap reacts with hard water minerals calcium and magnesium to create soap scum that prevents better bubble formation. Liquid detergents don’t form soap scum as readily from hard water, making them produce better bubbles.

Soap and Hard Water

As noted, soap tends to create scum when it reacts with hard water. Therefore, you won’t get as many suds from using soap, and you probably will add more to your hands or shower to get clean. However, you will find that you may have to clean out your shower or tub more often to get rid of the extra soap scum.

Those with hard water typically use much more soap than those with soft water. In fact, you may use 33% to 50% more soap than someone without hard water.

Use Less Soap

To save money on soap and reduce your trips to the store, change your home’s water, not your soap. Have a whole home water softening system installed to reduce the amount of soap that you use. Installing a water softener system can cut your soap use by up to 50%.

Let Best Home Water Treatment Systems Help You To Use Less Soap with a Water Softener

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