Water softeners and a water conditioner serve a similar purpose but have significant differences in how they accomplish that goal. While some people claim that a water softening system surpasses a water conditioner, those people likely don’t understand that a water conditioner is an alternative and not a direct competitor to a softener. Find out which unit will function best in your home based on your health needs and lifestyle.

What Does a Water Conditioner Do?

Both water softeners and conditioners reduce the impact of hard water on your home’s dishes, plumbing, and appliances. However, they use different methods.

A water conditioner does not require added salt to treat the hard water. Instead, it changes the chemistry of the calcium and magnesium in the water. These minerals make water hard. When a water conditioner makes it so these don’t remain on surfaces after water dries, you have fewer hard water issues.

How Is a Water Conditioner Different from a Water Softener?

A water softener works by sending hard water through a container with sodium ion-coated resin. As the hard water passes this resin, the calcium and magnesium in the water that make it hard swap places with the sodium ions on the resin. Since these minerals are no longer in the water, it is softened.

Because it removes the hard water minerals completely, a water softener is more effective at solving all hard water problems, including scale deposits in water heater tanks where water sits and minerals can sink to the bottom of the tank.

Who Should Consider a Water Conditioner Instead of a Water Softener?

A water softener is best for many homes, but some people must have salt-free diets or want to avoid the chore of replacing salt pellets in their water softener. For these people, a water conditioner can be a viable alternative.

Remember that the water conditioner works differently from a softener, so don’t expect the exact same results. However, you can solve many of your home’s hard water issues without adding salt by choosing a water conditioner instead of a softener.

Get More Help Comparing a Water Conditioner and Water Softener from Us at Oceanus

Most people will benefit most from a water softener in their home while those with special health needs may need a salt-free water conditioner. This does not mean that one unit is better than the other. They both perform excellently at what they are intended to do. For help with making your final decision between a water softener and conditioner, contact us at Oceanus. You can call us at 951.338.8616 or send us a message online to schedule an appointment.










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