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Unhealthy and impure water is one of the common problems of several American households. Do you like to overcome this problem and ensure the safety of your family members? Then, investing in home water treatment systems in Newport Beach would be a good decision. You have reached the most reliable platform to get systems at the most reasonable price. 

At Oceanus, we have certified and highly trained engineers to work on the home water filters and other water treatment systems. These filters will efficiently remove different contaminants from water. Also, you will get filtered water from your dishwasher, faucet, and other appliances.


How do our home water treatment systems work?

The comprehensive water filtration system is designed to eliminate contaminants that are harmful to your health. It can also make your water free from chlorine. However, you may find variations in the design of the built-in filters of our water treatment systems. Connect with us and solve water quality problems in your house. 

Furthermore, we have helped several clients by installing whole house filters in Newport Beach. Schedule a consultation with us and get an estimate of these systems.

Oceanus has different types of home water filters

Water softeners

Our water softeners work effectively for hard water containing minerals. There is a high level of dissolved minerals in water softeners. For instance, magnesium and calcium in hard water can cause lots of issues to your health. You can find chalky diseases. Your shower may also have soap scum due to this hard water. But, to solve these problems, you can install our water softener. 

Also, our technicians will guide you to choose the best water softening systems from our collection.

Several Americans do not know how this hard water affects the health and longevity of their appliances. It is always important to install a water softener.

RO systems for filtering water

We have water filters based on reverse osmosis technology. RO is a special water treatment process capable of removing contaminants from your household water.

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We have affordably priced home water treatment systems in Newport Beach. Our company has the best installers and technicians to work on these systems.