A water softener should retain the safety of your water while removing the minerals from it that make it hard. To ensure that your water softener meets the highest standards for performance, look for the NSF Certified label on the product. Understanding more about this type of certification will help you to recognize why you need it for your whole-home water softener.

Who Is NSF and Why Does NSF Certification Matter?

NSF started in the 1940s as the National Sanitation Foundation. Initially, it created standards for sanitation and safety for food and health products. Over the decades, the organization grew beyond its original jurisdiction of the United States to become an international organization. In 1990, the name officially became NSF, without the letters standing for anything.

The NSF mark on a product, such as a water softener, indicates that the item passed independent testing to meet the high standards for health and safety. When looking for the mark on a water treatment system, you should also find the standard to which the product was tested. For instance, clean water supply pipes may have the NSF-pw mark to indicate they are certified for potable water.

What Is an NSF Certified Water Softener?

Water treatment systems have no federal standards to meet. Therefore, if you want to be assured of the quality and performance of your home’s water softening system, you need to look for the NSF mark. An NSF Certified water softener that uses a cation exchange to remove minerals falls under NSF/ANSI 44. By choosing a softener with this mark, you will know that you can trust the water quality from your home’s softener.

Other Beneficial Properties of Water Softeners to Look for

The NSF mark is important for water safety. However, you may also want to look for other perks of a home softener. For instance, you have the option of getting a model with a filtration system that removes unwanted contaminants. You should also look for space-saving models that don’t have a gravel bed that can add unnecessary bulk and weight.

Find an NSF Certified Water Softener for Your Home from Oceanus

If you want to get a water softener built to the exacting standards to attain NSF certification, contact us at Oceanus. We provide Southern California residents with solutions to their home’s water quality problems. You have water treatment options that include softeners, purifiers, hot water circulators, and softeners with filters. Let our team of water experts at Oceanus know how we can make your water better, and we’ll find an NSF produce for your home.