When comparing home water treatment systems, you should consider the many benefits of using a salt free water conditioner instead of a water softener. While softeners have their own benefits, water conditioners also have perks that make them especially useful for many people. Before deciding which whole home water system to get, consider the following advantages of getting a water conditioner.

Prevent Scale 

Water conditioners chemically change the composition of products in water that cause scale. They are highly effective in preventing lime deposits in the pipes and other areas where water constantly moves through. These options work better with tankless water heaters that keep water moving as it heats than storage water heaters.

No Salt Bags to Buy

You never need to buy bags of salt for a salt free water conditioner. This means that you don’t need to worry about the system operating less efficiently because you didn’t renew the sodium in the brine tank.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

A water conditioner tends to require less care and service compared to a water softener. The latter requires regular checks of the brine tank to ensure that it has adequate salt levels for operation. You don’t need to do this for a water conditioner.

No Added Salt to Your Water

Salt in the diet can be a problem for some people. A water softener adds an average of 750 mg of sodium to each gallon. For some people, especially those who drink a lot of tap water, the amount might be too much for the diet their doctor requires. A water conditioner adds no salt, which is why at Oceanus, we call our model the Healthy Home salt free water conditioner.

Get a Salt Free Water Conditioner from Oceanus to Enjoy the Benefits of One of These Systems Yourself

You can start enjoying the benefits of a salt free water conditioner in your home by contacting us at Oceanus. Our water experts will choose the correct size conditioner and install it in your home. You can get improved water in your home without salt. Visit BestHomeWaterTreatmentSystems.com for information on our Healthy Home water conditioners and more.