The two main types of water treatment systems that you may encounter are point of use and whole home. Your lifestyle may require one or the other. You need to be cautious when comparing these types of water treatment systems, though. There are numerous options, especially for point of use water treatment, and not all of them offer the same performance in filtration or contamination reduction. Find out how to compare point of use and whole home water treatment systems to pick the right one for your home.

What Is a Point of Use Water Treatment System?

A point of use water treatment system is one that treats small amounts of water just before you use it. Examples of point of use water treatment systems include those that you can get from home improvement stores for consumer installation such as on-faucet additions or filtration pitchers.

This classification of water treatment systems also includes reverse osmosis water purifiers (RO). The intensive filtration and purification that these types of filters put the water through require a large amount of equipment compared to the amount of water treated. However, the extra equipment fits comfortably beneath a counter that has the sink and tap served by the RO system.

You need to have a plumber install an RO water purifier because these systems need to have the correct connection directly to your sink or refrigerator’s water dispenser. These water purifiers remove almost 100% of contaminants found in your drinking water. Most standard water filters that you purchase for DIY installation cannot match this purification performance.

What Is a Whole Home Water Treatment System?

A whole home water treatment system filters the water as it enters your home. Consequently, all the taps in your home have fewer contaminants and dissolved solids in the water. These systems can soften the water with the addition of either potassium chloride or sodium chloride or treat hard water to reduce its damaging effects on your plumbing.

Since both of these systems filter incoming water to your home, you don’t have to worry about only getting better water from one tap. Also, by reducing the harm done by hard water, these whole home water treatment systems help your plumbing last longer. As with reverse osmosis systems, you need professional installation of one of these whole home filtration systems.

Where to Find Both Point of Use and Whole Home Water Treatment Options that Work

Whether you want an RO purifier or a whole home water treatment system, phone us at Best Home Water Treatment Systems at 951.737.1500. We have the filtration and purification systems that will meet the needs of your family while removing more contaminants than budget filter pitchers can.


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