When looking for water treatment options, you will likely hear the industry terms, “point of use water treatment” and “point of entry water treatment.” The differences between these terms are important to know because they affect the use of the water treatment system and what the system can do.

Why Do I Need Water Treatment?

Long before drinking water reaches your home, it undergoes treatment at a public or private treatment facility before delivery through pipes to your home. Even the smallest private water treatment services that only treat water for 25 homes or more must meet the regulatory guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for maintaining healthy, drinkable water. Only services that provide water treatment for fewer than 25 homes don’t have to meet these requirements.

However, even with the thorough removal of the most dangerous substances from water, it can still have elements or contaminants that make it taste bad, smell off, or damage your plumbing. Therefore, you likely need water treatment for your home.

What Is Point of Entry Water Treatment and When Should I Use It?

Point of entry water treatment is a system that filters it enters a building, in many cases a home. These types of treatment systems may also reduce the hardness of water or cut down on dissolved solids in the water.

These systems send filtered and softened water throughout your home. Every showerhead, tub faucet, and water heater gets filtered water flowing to it. The benefit of this method is longer-lasting plumbing that doesn’t clog from dissolved solids. Additionally, you can have cleaner water from everywhere in your home, which is a benefit if you’ve ever gotten up to get a drink from the bathroom sink in the middle of the night.

What Is Point of Use Water Treatment and When Should I Use It?

Water treatment systems install only on the faucet where you will use them. These systems include reverse osmosis water purification systems. Reverse osmosis drastically improves the flavor of your water by removing the impurities from it. They transform tap water into a beverage that tastes just as good as bottled water for pennies per serving.

Can I Use Both Point of Entry and Point of Use Water Treatment Methods?

There are several instances when you may want to consider teaming up your home’s water treatment systems. For instance, if you have hard water – as many in Southern California do – you should get a water softener and filter as an entry treatment option. You may also want an RO purifier to get the best tasting water at your tap or refrigerator water dispenser.

Find Out More About Point of Entry and Point of Use Water Treatment at Best Home Water Treatment Systems 

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