Have the best home water treatment systems in Pomona

Safe and clean drinking water is always desirable for health. However, your household water is not free from contaminants. These pollutants may not be visible to you. But, they can harm your health and cause different diseases. That is why Oceanus presents you with home water treatment systems in Pomona.

We have a team of professional technicians to install the best household water treatment systems. Call us and know more about these appliances. Our professionals have learned about every intricate detail of these complicated systems. You can purify your tap water and other sources of household water.

whole-home water softener

What contaminants are present in our home water treatment systems?

Chlorine – Ammonia, and chlorine are useful for treating water that contains contaminants. But, consumption of these elements with your regular household water can cause breast cancer and rectal diseases. 

PFAS – These water contaminants also cause thyroid diseases and cancer. To avoid health issues, you have to remove PFAS from your domestic water. Several consumers do not know that the water they consume contains these poisonous materials.

Lead – Your household plumbing system may have pipes that have no anti-corrosion treatment. It results in the presence of leads in your pipes. Thus, you need filtered water to avoid the effects of consuming leads. Our home water treatment systems in Pomona present you with lead-free water.

Several other contaminants are removed by these systems. Let us install the best water filters in your house. These automatic systems will filter the water regularly. You will not get a bad odor from domestic water.

Install the water softener in your house

  • The heated hard water forms a limescale that gets accumulated in your water pipes and other appliances.
  • These deposits cause blockage to your pipes and electric appliances, which lose energy efficiency.
  • Your detergents cannot form lather due to this hard water. Ultimately, you will have a waste of soap.
  • Hard water also causes color fading issues to your clothing. Your garments will look dull and gray.
  • Your hair and skin will also become dry due to hard water.

Thus, call our technicians to soften the water used for household purposes.

Hire home water treatment professionals in Pomona

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