If you are still relying on a coffee maker to brew your coffee, you don’t know what you’re missing. Pourover coffee is the best type of coffee that you’re likely not making. However, to get the most from this delectable beverage, you need to focus on the ingredients, including the water. Once you’ve tried this coffee yourself, you’ll never go back to instant or coffee machine-made drinks again.

What Is Pourover Coffee?

Pourover coffee is a way to extract the most flavor from the grounds. Plus, you don’t need expensive equipment to make it. The money you save, you can invest in buying the best beans you can find to further improve the flavor.

What sets this coffee apart from a coffee maker brew is the use of a single stream of near-boiling water poured over the grounds. This single stream instead of several drips from a coffee maker’s water dispenser keeps the temperature of the grounds better controlled. The more control you have over the coffee’s temperature and time it spends in the water, the better the flavor you can from the coffee grounds.

How to Make Pourover Coffee

To make pourover coffee, you need a coffee grinder, means of heating water precisely, a timer, filter holder, coffee filter, and a large cup. This method from Serious Eats further explains the importance of each step and how to make slight adjustments as needed to improve your brew.

First, grind the coffee beans to resemble large sugar crystals. Grind just enough to fill the filter halfway with grounds. Add the grounds to the filter inside the filter holder. Place the holder on top of the cup.

Next, you need hot water, just off the boil, around 200 to 207-degrees Fahrenheit. Choose water at the lower end of the temperature ranks for darker roasts and hotter water for lighter roasts. You can boil the water in a kettle or use an instant hot water dispenser and let it cool for 30 seconds before adding it to the coffee for darker roasts. Generally, use 60 grams of grounds per liter of water.

Third, wet the coffee and let the grounds absorb the water for around half a minute.

Finally, pour the rest of the water in an even stream over the water. Stop pouring to ensure the coffee grounds stay in contact with water for around three minutes. Decrease the time by 30 seconds for darker roasts or increase the time by up to a minute for lighter roasts.

Wait after pouring all the water into the coffee for it to drip through for another minute.

Remove the coffee filter holder and enjoy the coffee.

Speed Up the Process of Your Pourover Coffee Routine with an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The longest part of the pourover coffee process is heating the water to a boil in a kettle and waiting for it to cool. Instead of taking time for this process, consider having an instant hot water dispenser installed in your kitchen instead. These provide water at 200-degrees Fahrenheit instantly without waiting. Plus, the water has already been filtered for the best flavor.

Contact Best Home Water Treatment Systems for Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation

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