Reverse Osmosis System (RO bottled water at dedicated faucet)

The system features a 50 gpd reverse osmosis membrane and top quality coconut carbon filtration in a five stage configuration. Designed with hygienically sealed filter cartridges and color-coded fittings for fast installation and easy service, While delivering near 100 percent filtered drinking water. The Water Maker Five RO system delivers 30% higher flow from the faucet while reducing water waste by 50%. WMS reverse osmosis system includes under counter 5 stage filtration and and dedicated faucet.

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– Purified drinking water at a dedicated faucet and possibly to refrigerator if icemaker line already run from sink. Icemaker line can be added as well if desired.
– 5-Stage filtration in 2 easy to change filters – no tools required.
– Green-by-Design® uses a new membrane configuration to reduce water waste by 25% over conventional RO systems.
– Membrane rated to produce 50 gallons per day.
– Compact design for space savings under the counter.
– Membrane reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) by 96%.
– Waste taste similar to that of Aquafina®, Dasani®, Nestle Pure Life® or Smart Water® brand bottled water.
– Great add-on to any of our whole house water treatment systems.


It is recommended you add a reverse osmosis system to your house if you have a water softener installed. Though perfectly safe to drink softened water, it is recommended to drink water without the sodium content that a softener adds to the water. The RO removes this sodium.
This product pair well our IH2 instahot system which delivers near boiling water to your dedicated faucet.

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